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Go Hawks!

How do you celebrate? Here’s what I did.

I’m not much one for football however I did follow the recent Seahawks vs. 49ers game second-hand via Twitter updates and the occasional outburst by my neighbors on the corner. It was later that evenings from the depths of my studio that I learned the outcome of the game through a series of loud explosions! My neighborhood had erupted in fireworks, horn-blasts and the occasional small arms fire. People spilled out onto the street and I found myself swept up in the hubris of raw football victory.

The GoHawks Installation is my unexpected response to the exuberance and joy of my people. Last night I pulled the last of my blue and green hand made glass Baby Head Cups and lined up 10 special edition GoHawks Baby Head Cup Sets. I gave them a bit of a workout in this hilarious little photo shoot. It’s silly, I had so much fun making these pictures, and because everyone is so excited I’m offering a package deal for the sets. GoHawks sets are $70.00 that gets you 2 cups, one for ranch and one for the Doritos. Or one for the beer and one for the Fireball… or whatever you’re into. – Oliver Doriss GoHawks

Team ShotSecure Purchase
$70.00 GoHawks Special Edition BHC Set

Secure Purchase
$70.00 GoHawks Special Edition