It’s Rainbow Babies Making Time! Happy Pride 2024!

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Everyone loves rainbows, because rainbows have something for everyone.

I wanted to build off my previous designs. This year I wanted something bold and fabulous like the Pride Celebration it’s self!

Exploring a new look for my annual Pride Baby Head Cup this year. Big Bold Colors to make this Baby Head Cup pop! Six transparent colors are combined into a single color drop, then worked together into a long cylinder. This base tube is a common technique when producing a run of a singular design. The larger form hosts the decoration it is then divided it into smaller sections for each individual piece. This process offers a certain efficiency and keeps the design consistent throughout the batch. It is a time consuming process but the results are stunning!

New Rainbow Baby Head Cups for the 2024 Pride Celebration available here!

Also this month I will be in Seattle on May 18th participating in the Fremont Bridge Night Bazzar!

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