The Baby Head Cup is the hit of the party!

Whether you fall in love immediately or are left with sense of unease these Babies will draw you in regardless. A rich opal coloration compliments the awkwardness of this unique product putting it in a class of it’s own. The Baby Head Cup glass tumbler is hand made and designed by Oliver Doriss. These curiosities can be used decoratively or as fully functional dishware. The thickness of the glass and rounded profile makes them surprisingly durable as well they are dishwasher safe. The Baby Head Cup is versatile and can be used in a variety of esthetic  applications. Try them as a votive candle holder for an eerie ambiance or as a small planter to create a green decorative hairstyle.

All of the work is produced by Oliver Doriss in Tacoma Washington and is held to the highest of standards. The traditional hand-made process we use allows for distinctive variations and marks in the glass. These are natural result of manufacturing and add to the authenticity of our product experience. No two Babies are exactly alike.

* Not safe for HOT beverages.

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