So Glamorous!

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I just just wrapped up another successful show this weekend, Tacoma Night Market at the Foss Waterway Seaport History Museum. Cruising the internet leading up to this event I ran across these amazing product shots of craft cocktails using our clear Baby Head Cups  with the sinister “Troublemaker” lurking in the background. It’s not uncommon for me to run across photos of my products so I did my duty and “liked” and “shared” however the creator of these photos remained a mystery. Additionally the photos some how suggested that I would be offering delicious beverages along with my usual selection of tumblers. I’ll admit that is a marvelous idea, however in addition to me forgetting the vodka I neglected to acquire a banquet permit as well. Anyway cheers to the creator of these photos, and Ms.Rhiannon Stuart who managed to find a drink for her new ©Baby Head Cup!

Clear Baby Head Cup Cocktail