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A small tale about Fabula the glamorous offspring of Nebula.

One "Nebula" and one "Fabula" Glass Baby Head CupOur Nebula Baby Head Cup has proven to be one of the best selling pieces of our collection. This design that features a variegated, textural look upon a milky transparency boldly stands out against the rainbow backdrop of traditional ©Baby Head Cups. It is wildly popular item, they are constantly in production.

Recently it has been said the we are going through “unprecedented times”, whether or not this is true the necessary glass materials, prices, and availability seem to support this allegation. The color used to create Nebula is known in the industry as R-712. This product has a high degree of elemental silver formulated into the composition. When heated with a heavily reducing flame the combustion draws the elements from the surface as additional fuel leaving a silvery reduced sheen. This unique process results in a wild and unpredictable spectrum of hues.

First Run of Fabula Baby Head CupsWith a dwindling supply of this color we have been forced to get creative. We are currently replicating this distinctive look through a combination of available glass materials. Colors used in the new “Fabula” design are loaded with precious metals. A base of double silver blue from a one off batch that I sourced trough a friend, and a touch of Iris Gold with an accent of Copper Ruby. This bold trio reacts with one another in unpredictable ways, creating new unique color veils and secondary reactions. This deco is spontaneous, dynamic, and unique with each piece becoming it’s own distinctive work of art. Available now only through our web-store at