Fireside Chat

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This amazing night photo was submitted  by Tristy McCoy. It features the only Baby Head Cup with a “Cookie Duster” mustache in existence. Now for years I had joked about putting mustaches on this goofy little product known as the ©Baby Head Cup, in late 2020 it happened. I tried it out, experimenting with mustaches such as, the “Handle Bar”, the “Biker Stache”, and as you can see in this post the classic Ned Flanders “Cookie Duster”.  I messaged with Tristy for a moment to learn how they came by such a unique piece, because of their unique and individual nature these oddities never make it to onto the Baby Head Cup website and are selectively available in person.

Well, it turns out Tristy is recently married, and it also turns out Tristy’s friends are complete freaks! On the happiest day of their life what happens? They open up a gift from their “loving” friends and Bam! Ned Flanders Baby Head Cup! Well I applaud this type of behavior. Happy wedding day Tristy, good job best friends!