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I was approached by a local collector to produce a Baby Head Tree Topper! At first I had to confirm that this was truly what they wanted, gently reminded them that a Baby Head would be pushing Christmas decor in a rather creepy direction. Undeterred they produced a monetary deposit to get things rolling. Now a tree topper in essence is a simple affair, a bit of bling a dash of glitz, throw it on the top of the tree and take your festivities to the next level! A glass Baby Head with a Santa hat is a much different thing all together. Unlike our Baby Head Christmas ornaments it’s not a small amount of glass and it needs to be supported by a delicate conifer in the corner of the living room. This piece had to be thin, elegant, functional, and we had to make it work on our first try. Ultimately we succeeded on all fronts and in the process including a small hole in the back for illumination! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you Weirdos! – Baby Head Cups!

This was a fun, complex, and challenging project.