One of the Ancients! A true Survivor!

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Copper Ruby & Orange Baby Head Cup
Copper Ruby & Orange Baby Head Cup close up

The first Baby Head Cups were produced in 1994

An amazing photo of an extremely rare Copper Ruby & Orange Fritt Twist Baby head Cup! Most certainly manufactured in Boston Massachusetts late 1995. Speed was the focus in the early days. Basically in order to keep the price point down production numbers must go up.

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Back then I opened the Baby Head Cup directly from the mold straightaway. This resulted in the awkwardly large forehead similar to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Baby Head Cup hot out of the mold.

Despite me the “Fritt Twist” coloration being out of production the Orange Baby Head Cup, is still available. Without a doubt Orange is the favorite color of 2023.

Conversely you can read more about the Baby Head Cup origin story, or visit Oliver Doriss’s personal website.

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