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Trick er’ Treat!

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The Pumpkin, the Ghost and the Devil Baby Head Cup© have become the Four Horsemen of Kitsch this haunting season. Admittedly they are dorky, yet essential to complete ones seasonal decorations. The Pumpkin Head is a must for those autumnal motifs. It sits unnoticed in the pumpkin display patiently staring back at you until one gets close enough to fall head over heals in love. For those of you who feel more comfortable in the shadows I strongly recommend Ghost Cup. Nearly invisible by day yet by nightfall the spirits contained within begin to reveal their unearthly glowing presence. Lastly the Lil’ Devil. Vampires, so vain, so beautiful, so seductive. And just like the glass they are made from so fragile. These delicate predators love their victims, and keep a vigilant eye watching over your sleeping form.