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The Perfect Shot

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There a few tips you should consider before posting that photo to Instagram or your other favorite social media site.

#1 Angle Take your shot at a higher angle. This creates a more dynamic composition makes one look leaner from extending upwards as well it gets rid of that chin fold from looking down at your phone. Avoid taking shots in your car. The lighting is often terrible and your posture suffers in the drivers seat.

#2 The rule of thirds. Play with the composition. Experiment with foreground placement putting the subject equidistant from the background and middle-ground elements.

#3 Background The elements in a background of the picture give a sense of place and personality. A forest or a grand skyline can really speak to who you are. The single most important consideration when addressing the background of your future social media post is to remove incriminating evidence visible in the photo.

For example the photo below of a Clear Baby Head Cup© is clean, mysterious, has a dynamic composition, and follows the rule of thirds. The one glaring mistake is the bag of drugs in the back ground, 160′. Really it could be brown sugar or weed concentrate or perhaps heroin who really knows. Either way it’s suspicious and only serves to make this photo that much more risky, or maybe risqué is a better term. Heck it could be the mysterious baggie is the actual subject of the photo and the Baby Head is just there by accident. Hard to say in these strange times. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯